Summertime Reading Suggestions

Now that the season is over and we won’t be hoisting any hardware we can sit back, hoist a cold one and reminisce about the past season and the jubilation and agony it brought. What a great year to be a Bengal’s fan in so many respects. As we all will have more time now I’d like to bring your attention to a number of books that are in the works and you might want to add a few to your summer time reading list. These are intended to be humorous and not critical of anyone.

10. I’m Still Open – Stefon Diggs

9. Flip This – Joe Mixon

8. Let The Teams Warm Up 5 Minutes and Let’s Play –

Troy (I DID NOT SAY THAT) Vincent

7. Meet Me In Atlanta – Josh Allen

6. Handicapping NFL Games For Fun & Profit – Eric Weddle

5. We’ve Given Out More Refunds Than The IRS – NFL

4. Heard Any Good Mahomes Jokes? – Aftab Pureval

3. Always Expect The Unexpected – Zac Taylor

2. I Fixed It My Way – Roger Goodell

1. Show Me The Money – Joe Burrow with a forward by Jamar Chase, Tee Higgins, Logan Wilson, Germaine Pratt, etc. etc.

BONUS – Miracles Still Happen – Damar Hamlin

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