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The latest on Joe Mixon

The misdemeanor menacing charge against Joe Mixon has been dismissed but could be refiled at a later date.

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images


The misdemeanor menacing charge against Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon was dismissed on Friday but could possibly be refiled.

The charge was dismissed at the request of the Cincinnati city prosecutor, saying there needs to be an additional investigation before possibly moving forward with the case.


Hamilton County Municipal Court Presiding Judge Curt Kissinger will dismiss the charge of aggravated menacing against Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon once the alleged victim has been notified, per Newsradio 700 WLW.

The report states the incident involved a road rage incident in downtown Cincinnati between Mixon and the alleged victim. There has been no report of any recanting of the claim or if a settlement has been reached.


Peter Schaffer, the agent of Bengals running back Joe Mixon, has released the following statement to NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero.

Among what Schaffer claimed is that the charges Mixon is facing will be dropped on Friday.

In addition, Mixon’s mother has released the following statement to Kelsey Conway.


According to Kelsey Conway of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Joe Mixon has not been processed into the Hamilton County jail system as of Thursday evening.

There is a warrant out for the arrest of Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon.

Per Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus and Chris Renkel of Cincinnati’s Local 12, Mixon’s arrest warrant is for aggravated menacing as he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman’s face.

Per Cassy Arsenault of Local 12, the incident occurred last month on Jan. 21. The complaint states that Mixon “Did knowingly point a firearm at the victim stating ‘You should be popped in the face I should shoot you, the police can’t get me.’”

The complaint was filed today.

Mixon and the Bengals played the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, Jan. 22 at Buffalo, indicating the alleged incident occurred earlier on Saturday before Mixon, and the team flew to Orchard Park for the game.

The Bengals have since released a statement:

We will update this story as more details on the situation are released.