Quick Look at 2023 Roster & Cap

Took a quick look today, and here's what I see:

Available Cap = $35.7 mil

- based on NFL 2023 cap of $224.8 with added 2023 rollover and subtracting off-season cap directive that counts only top 51 salaries

Positional #'s Under Contract

QB (2) - Burrow, Browning

RB (2) - Mixon, Evans

WR (6) - Chase, Higgins, Boyd, Irwin, Morgan, Lassiter

TE (3) - Asiasi, Bowers, Hudson

OL (12) - Collins, JWilliams, Adeniji, Carman, Cappa, Karras, Volson, DSmith, THill, Brown, Gilliam, Cochran

DL (13) - Hubbard, Hendrickson, Ossai, CSample, Gunter, Reader, BJHill, Tupou, Carter, Tufele, Carney, RJohnson, DDavis

LB (4) - LWilson, Davis-Gaither, Bailey, Jones

S (4) - DHill, TAnderson, BWilson, Corker

CB (5) - Awuzie, Taylor-Britt, Hilton, George, Tell

STs (2) - P Chrisman, K McPherson

Own Free Agents

QB - BAllen

RB - TWilliams, Perine

WR - TTaylor

TE - Hurst, DSample, Wilcox (ERFA)

OL - Scharping

DL - none

LB - Pratt, Johnston (EFRA), Bachie (EFRA)

S - Bates, Bell

CB - Apple, Flowers, JDavis

STs - LS Harris, LS Adomitis (EFRA)

Discussion to Follow

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