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Paycor Stadium cracks top 10 concession stand rankings

Bang for your buck.

Syndication: The Enquirer Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals have made a huge effort over the last two seasons to improve the gameday experience for fans who come to Paycor Stadium. Stadium upgrades, lighting improvements, and several other things have made the experience in Cincinnati one that rivals any other in the league.

An important part of the game day experience is the concession stands that operate inside the stadium. Whether you’re looking for a cold beer or a hot dog, good concessions are a key element to making sure you enjoy your time at a stadium.

According to the US Betting Report, the Bengals are top 10 in that regard, checking in at No. 10 on their NFL concession rankings with a 6.52 rating. The site uses a formula that includes concessions per square foot, concessions per seating capacity, the price of a beer, and the price of a hot dog to factor into how they rank an NFL club.

The Atlanta Falcons took the top spot, which comes as no surprise with their famously low prices. While they have a famous crowd, the Seattle Seahawks came in dead last for their concession index ranking.

Things have been trending up for the Bengals and something as seemingly insignificant as concession stands can impact team profits, which directly correlates to player contracts. Not only that, without a good experience getting refreshments at the game, a team could struggle to get newer fans back to their stadium to cheer the team on.

Next time you’re at Paycor Stadium, make sure to check it out!