Trade Down Mock Draft for Fun

As an FYI, i traded down 3 times in this mock draft and picked up
7 extra 2023 and 4 extra 2024 picks (rds 2, 3, 5, 7). Dont expect this to happen in reality because the 1st trade was a doozy and it was with Steelers. 2 2nds, 4th, and 2 7ths for our 1st to move 5 spots. I do like the idea of collecting picks thia year and next though.

33. Darnell Wright, RT Tennessee

67. DJ Turner, CB Michigan

93. Jordan Battle, S Alabama

97. Sydney Brown, S Illinois = yes I doubled up but was best player on my board.

124 Luke Schoonmaker, TE Michigan

132. Jarrett Patterson, OG Notre Dame

165. KJ Henry, DE Clemson

170. Jakorian Bennett, CB Maryland. Double up but best player on my board.

200. Jaxon Kirkland, OT Washington

208. Ronnie Bell, WR Michigan

227. Keondre Colburn, DT Texas

236. Mohamed Ibrahim, RB, Minnesota

243. Yasie Abdullah, LB Louisville

248. Michael Turk, P Oklahoma.

3 Offensive Lineman. Adds depth and hopefully at least 1 starter.

4 secondary. Needed to fill the ranks.

2 DL. Would have liked more but board didnt cooperate.

3 Skill Position. Not happy how WR board went. Almost wentt Boutte from LSU at one point but he was about 8 down on my board. Thought about backup QB (Stetson Bennett) at one point but didnt pull trigger.


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