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More on how the Bengals are spearheading workers’ comp law changes

The Bengals are at the forefront of a potential change in how Ohio categorizes on-field injuries.

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Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are under fire for wanting to change the way Ohio law sees workers’ compensation injuries in athletic events.

The team is wanting the state to change the way players would get compensation if they are injured while on the field. Here is part of what The Enquirer’s Haley BeMiller wrote on the matter.

“A measure drafted by Rep. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, would bar active professional athletes from filing for permanent partial disability over an injury or illness related to their job. Seitz said he’s working with Bengals leaders on the amendment, but if passed, it would apply to players on the Cleveland Browns, Columbus Blue Jackets and other Ohio teams,” BeMiller wrote.

Seitz was on board with Cincinnati as he noted that disability for players making millions, certainly not the case for every player that steps foot on the field for the Bengals, was “welfare for the rich.”

The NFL Players Association was not on board with this attempt by the Bengals ownership and decided to tweet at them, launching even more dialogue on the situation.

There does seem to be a strong case made by the Bengals. The Athletic dove into how the team wants to not allow players to double-dip by both claiming disability and still being active in the league.

The Bengals will undoubtedly get some heat for bringing this up as some may perceive it as taking away the workers’ compensation rights. The NFLPA is claiming the Bengals are doing it just to increase their bottom line instead of preventing “double-dipping.”