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Twitter reactions to Bengals landing Orlando Brown Jr. on a historic contract

Everyone is as shocked as you are.

Well, to those waking up to this news, yes the Cincinnati Bengals are landing Orlando Brown Jr. to play left tackle. This goes well beyond anything this front office has done in some time, and it sends a clear message that they will spend to protect quarterback Joe Burrow.

Those who caught the news before bed, well we all lost our minds.

Initial reaction

Fans went crazy. This is the kind of move we've watched other teams make for decades to try and get over the top. Now we are seeing Cincinnati paying to try and do the same.

Contract Details

Even more shocking than the move may be how much the team actually paid. Fans know the Bengals hate giving out guaranteed money to outside free agents. They shattered expectations with this one, and it could work out to be friendly for Cincinnati down the road.

The Bengals ended up making NFL history with this contract in terms of signing bonus.

Best GIF Reactions

There shouldn't be an unhappy Bengal fan in the world right now. This seems like a great deal given the Market for offensive tackle right now. It also means 4/5ths of the offensive line is locked up for multiple seasons.

It feels pretty great to be a Bengals fan tonight.