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3 way-too-early Jonah Williams trade ideas for the Bengals

More Day 3 picks? Andrew Whitworth redux? Bijan Robinson!?! Here are some way-too-early trade ideas for the Bengals with Jonah Williams.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

With Orlando Brown now set to be the Cincinnati Bengals’ left tackle, Jonah Williams is ready to find a new NFL home.

Friday morning, news broke that Williams had requested a trade so he can remain at left tackle for a new team.

Being that it’s in the middle of March with the NFL Draft still over a month away, it’s realistic to think a deal can be made between now and next month’s draft, though history suggests the Bengals are more than willing to wait it out if they don’t like what’s being offered.

So, let’s get weird.

Boring Trade: Jonah to Colts for picks 106, 138 and 162

There actually aren’t a lot of NFL teams who are in dire need of a left tackle at this very moment. The Indianapolis Colts are one of those unknowns after Bernhard Raimann had a rocky rookie season.

For the Bengals, this should be on the low end of what they could get for Jonah Williams. Picks 106 (Round 4) and 138/162 (Round 5) would be a nice way to score some early Day 3 picks find their future punter with?

This kind of deal is probably the worst-case scenario for Cincinnati. It’s not that Williams isn’t worth more than this, but he’s coming off a so-so year and carries a $12.6 million cap charge for whoever gets him.

Mildly Exciting Trade: Jonah to Rams for pick 77

How about giving the Los Angeles Rams another former starting left tackle? This would be the second time the Bengals have helped Sean McVay and the Rams find their blindside protector after Andrew Whitworth worked out great for them.

The connection between Zac Taylor and McVay could also certainly help kickstart these discussions. The problem is not knowing if the Rams are ready to make another run, or if they’re more in rebuild mode after going 5-12 last season.

In terms of a straight-up Jonah-for-pick trade, a mid-third-round pick is probably the most they can hope for. Anything higher, and the Bengals make have to sweeten the deal with some of their own Day 3 picks.

Let’s Get Wild: Jonah and pick 28 to Bucs for pick 19 to draft Bijan Robinson

The Bengals need a new running back. Bijan Robinson is widely regarded as the best in this draft, and he’s not likely to make it to 28. With the Chargers set to lose Austin Ekeler, I think Robinson to them at pick 21 is very possible. So if the Bengals want to make sure they get Bijan, getting ahead of the Chargers would be wise.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be entering a rebuilding phase with Tom Brady retiring, but it never hurts to start a rebuild with a solid left tackle.

This would be mildly similar to when the Bengals traded pick 12 and a sixth to the Bills for Cordy Glenn, pick 21, and a fifth in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Of course, it’s very early in this process, so it’s untelling what kind of offers the Bengals will get.

So, what kind of trade do you think the Bengals should be eyeing for Jonah Williams? Let us know in the comments section!