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Rashod Bateman calls out Ravens GM and strength staff

Drama is brewing in Baltimore.

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Cincinnati Bengals fans have often heard their team called cheap and not caring about winning.

The Baltimore Ravens are now dealing with their own complaints after general manager Eric DeCosta made these comments about the team’s history with wide receivers not living up to expectations.

“If I had an answer, that would probably mean I would have some better receivers,” DeCosta said. “We’re gonna keep swinging. There have been some guys that have been successful players for us that were draft picks. We’ve never really hit on that All-Pro type of guy, which is disappointing, but it’s not for a lack of effort. ... It’s one of those anomalies that I really can’t explain, other than to say that we’re not going to stop trying. We’re gonna keep swinging and hopefully at one of these points, we’re gonna hit the ball out of the park.”

That obviously didn’t rub the team’s current wide receiver Rashod Bateman the right way. Bateman has played in 18 games and started nine since getting drafted in 2021. He’s been productive when healthy, but health has been an issue since getting to Baltimore.

Bateman let his feelings known in a since-deleted tweet.

This statement combined with a recent NFLPA team report cards done by the players of each team. In that, the Ravens strength staff received an F. It caused several players to speak out directly, but Bateman also retweeted someone talking about his injuries didn’t really start until ending up with the Ravens.

Having several players come out supporting a sentiment like this is absolutely not good. The Ravens also have a history of issues with pushing players too much. The Ravens lost OTA’s in 2018 for having rookies in full pads during mini-camp.

This may be something that gains more steam from former players, but right now, it’s not a good look going into NFL free agency.