Which Running Back Do You Want To Draft?

With Perine leaving and Mixon's status questionable it's pretty clear we will be taking a Running Back in the 2023 Draft. Thankfully, this is one of the most talented and deep RB classes in history. Below I have the top 20 RBs according to PFF along with their PFF grade, stats, and a few positives about their game.

Let me know who you want us to pick in the 2023 Draft.

Top 20 RBs in the draft Per PFF:

1. Bijan Robinson (PFF 95.3)/H-6'0" W-220lbs/Rsh Yds:1575 / Rec Yds:314
- Fast, Powerful, Elusive
2. Jahmyr Gibbs (PFF 82.6)/H-5'11" W-200lbs/Rsh Yds:926 / Rec Yds:444 
- Fast, Elusive, Twitchy.
3. Zach Charbonnet (PFF 91.5)/H-6'1" W-220lbs/Rsh Yds:1358 / Rec Yds:329 
- Bell Cow, Complete
4. Devon Achane (PFF 82.4)/H-5'9" W-185lbs/Rsh Yds:1100 / Rec Yds:196 
-Very Fast, Gadget Back
5. DeWayne McBride (PFF 94.1)/H-6'1" W-220lbs/Rsh Yds:1702 / Rec Yds:10 
- Cow Bell, Powerful, Elusive, Breaker
6. Tank Bigsby (PFF 82.5)/H-6'0" W-213lbs/Rsh Yds:976 / Rec Yds:180 
- Bell Cow, Breaking Tackles, Complete Back
7. Kendre Miller (PFF 95.3)/H-6'0" W-220lbs/Rsh Yds:1399 / Rec Yds:116 
- Smooth, Elusive, Complete Back
8. Tyjae Spears (PFF 90.2)/H-5'11" W-195lbs/Rsh Yds:1586 / Rec Yds:251 
- Superb Athlete, Great Receiver
9. Duece Vaughn (PFF 82.1)/H-5'6" W-176lbs/Rsh Yds:1561 / Rec Yds:373 
- Fast, Elusive, Receiver
10. Sean Tucker (PFF 94.1)/H-5'10" W-205lbs/Rsh Yds:1062 / Rec Yds:262 
-Explosive, 2Down Back
11. Roschon Johnson (PFF 82)/H-6'2" W-223lbs/Rsh Yds:545 / Rec Yds:128 
- Powerful, Determined, Grinder (Numbers low due to Bijan Robinson back-up)
12. Zach Evans (PFF 77.4)/H-6'0" W-215lbs/Rsh Yds:930 / Rec Yds:119 
-Burst, North/South Runner
13. Chase Brown (PFF 81.2)/H-5'11" W-205lbs/Rsh Yds:1632 / Rec Yds:240 
- Fast, Elusive, Receiver
14. Keaton Mitchell (PFF 89.1)/H-5'7" W-179lbs/Rsh Yds:1452 / Rec Yds:250 
- Agile/Elusive, Gadget
15. Eric Gray (PFF 90.6)/H-5'10" W-211lbs/Rsh Yds:1374 / Rec Yds:238 
- Burst, Powerful, Elusive, Complete Back
16. Israel Abanikanda (PFF 88.5)/H-5'11" W-215lbs/Rsh Yds:1426 / Rec Yds:146 
- Fast, Patient, + Blocker
17. Kenny McIntosh (PFF 85.3)/H-6'1" W-210lbs/Rsh Yds:824 / Rec Yds:509 
- Great Receiving RB
18. Chris Rodriguez (PFF 90.8)/H-5'11" W-224lbs/RshYds:1377/Rec Yds:61 
- Big/Powerful/Relentless
19. Mohamed Ibrahim (PFF 89.8)/H-5'10" W-210lbs/Rsh Yds:1675 / Rec Yds:50 
- Burst,Tough, Agile
20 Tavion Thomas (PFF 83.7)/H-6'2" W-238lbs/Rsh Yds:1106 / Rec Yds:43 
- Powerful,North/South

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