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Report: Bengals have heard from ‘multiple suitors’ interested in Jonah Williams

It seems like the Bengals are, at the very least, hearing teams out at this point for Jonah Williams.

Syndication: Cincinnati Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer

The Cincinnati Bengals made a surprising splash in free agency when they signed left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. to a multi-year deal. It appeared at first that Brown coming in would fix multiple issues as the team could potentially try to move Jonah Williams over to right tackle to solve the issues they have had over there recently. However, Williams requested a trade soon after to try and maintain being a left tackle in the NFL.

We now have a slight update from one of the big NFL insiders on the status of that situation:

There aren’t any huge takeaways here, but it does confirm a few things that were up in the air. We know multiple teams are interested in Williams and that the Bengals appear to be more than just hearing teams out.

These kinds of trades have no real timeline or expectation. They could get a deal done while this article is being posted, or it could even happen on draft night.

Cincinnati should be somewhat motivated to get the deal done sooner rather than later. If they trade Williams, his roughly $12.6 million cap hit leaves once he is traded. That leaves the team with more wiggle room to fit in a couple of other players easier than before.

We will have to see how long this takes to develop, and hopefully, the Bengals can get something good from the trade as well as utilize their newfound cap space once Jonah gets his wish.