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Report: NFL Competition Committee to focus on officiating consistency

NFL fans believe there is an officiating problem, and NFL owners may agree.

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NFL Competition Committee, of which Bengals Executive Vice President Katie Blackburn is a member, said that officiating consistency is a “top priority” this offseason, per Pro Football Talk.

Troy Vincent, the NFL’s Executive Vice President of Football Operations said the last time the Competition Committee convened, the main topic of the meeting was improving officiating.

“Officiating was at the top,” he said. “Crew consistency was the main theme.”

Cincinnati Bengals fans have legitimate gripes when it comes to league officiating over the last couple of seasons. While I don’t blame any loss solely on bad calls, officials haven’t done the team any favors, back to the holding call on linebacker Logan Wilson in their Super Bowl loss, to the non-call on a possible roughing the passer penalty in the AFC Championship loss this past season.

Vincent stated the focus is getting all 17 officiating crews to call every game the same way He continued that the league wants to make sure the language in the rule book is also consistent and interpreted the same way by every crew.

In February, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that, while league officiating will never be perfect, he believed it was the best it has ever been.

“Our officials do an extraordinary job of getting those [potential fouls], “ Goodell said. “Are there mistakes in the context of that? Yes. They are not perfect and officiating never will (be perfect).”

If the competition committee is taking on officiating this offseason and making it a top priority, they may disagree.

The other members of the Competition Committee are:

  • Rich McKay (chairman) - Falcons President and CEO
  • Chris Grier - Dolphins GM
  • Stephen Jones - Cowboys Executive Vice President
  • John Mara - Giants owner
  • Ozzie Newsome - Ravens Executive Vice President
  • Frank Reich - Panthers head coach
  • Ron Rivera - Commanders head coach
  • Mike Tomlin - Steelers head coach
  • Mike Vrabel - Titans head coach