Quick Look at the Roster while we are in a slow time

Bengals home page has 63 players listed on the roster, I did not improvise the positions, they are what is listed on their page.

QB's - 2- Burrow and Browning, Allen is still a FA, there are some big name backup QB's still on the market or some day 3 options in the draft like Tune Bennett and Bagent. However they choose to fill the 3rd spot they need to add at least 1 more person here

RB's -3- Mixon T. Williams and Evans, The great debate to keep Mixon or not, this is not the spot to answer that but between the draft and remaining FA's the Bengals have the ability to remake this room if they decide that's what they want to do, maybe that is an Elliott or McKinnon to replace Perine and a draft pick or two to round out the room. This should be an interesting position to watch over the next month or so

WR's - 7- Chase, Higgins, Boyd, Irwin, Taylor, Morgan, and Lassiter, I don't forsee the Bengals adding too much here without adding picks in the draft but like last year I think they find a few guys after the draft to come in and add competition to the room (ps still frosty that Pryor got plucked from us last year)

TE's -3- Asiasi, Hudson and Bowers, There isn't any real front line guys left in FA, they can add a Brate or Firkser to make the draft easier but the draft is where the talent is coming for this room, there are tons of guys in this draft and I fully expect the Bengals to double dip here in the draft and maybe they bring in an UDFA as well. This is obviously where the Bengals have decided to save some money

OT's - 8!!- Brown jr, Williams, Carman, Ford, Collins, Smith, Adeniji and Cochran, yep the Bengals list 8 guys under contract as OT's, Obviously WIlliams wants out and Collins is injured and a guy that may be cut for cap savings. I still expect either the first or second round pick to be a RT as even with this many guys without Collins and Williams the Bengals need a true starting RT to bookend this line

OG's - 4- Cappa Volson Scharping and Gilliam, with only 7 picks I don't think they spend one here as some of the guys listed as OT's can double as OG's but I expect them to be looking after the draft for some depth here

OC's -3- Karras Hill and Ben Brown, I will keep this short and sweet as I think these are the guys the Bengals are going to run with but you always look to see if someone you expected to get drafted falls thru the cracks and is available as an UDFA

DE's - 6- Hendrickson, Hubbard, Ossai, Sample Gunter and Johnson III, I wouldn't be shocked to see the Bengals draft someone If they get more picks but there are a lot of good veteran DE's available in FA if the Bengals want to sign someone to a 1 or 2 year deal to maybe upgrade from Sample and Gunter

DT's - 6- Reader, Hill, Carter, Tupou, Tufele and Davis, Bengals could use another pass rusher from the DT position and would love to find one here in the Draft but I could also see them rolling with the guys on the roster expecting more from Carter and Tufele in year 2 here so who knows

LB's - 7- Wilson, Pratt, ADG, Bailey, Bachie, Jones and Carney, I cannot imagine they spend a draft pick here with Pratt coming back but I really do like this group the way it is so that is ok, like always look for an UDFA for preseason depth but it is going to be hard to crack this group

CB's - 6- Awuzie, CTB, Hilton, Davis, George and Tell III, Apple and Flowers are still FA's and I think they bring back at least 1 of those 2 and I think they are drafting someone in this draft inside of the first 3 or 4 picks as you always need young guys to develop and push the starters

S's - 5- Scott, Hill, Thomas, Anderson and Corker I think the guys listed are the guys we are going to have and that the Bengals won't look here in the draft, there are still 4 or 5 good guys still available in FA including Rapp who visited here that they could maybe sign to a 1 year deal if they worry about Hill, Anderson and Corkers youth, this should be an exciting group to watch this preseason

ST's -3- Chrisman Mcpherson and Adomitis, obviously I think the Bengals bring in someone to compete with Chrisman I am just not sure if it will be a guy they drafted, or if it is an UDFA or a veteran, McPherson and Adomitis should be safe unless the Bengals want to bring back a guy like Harris to have as insurance

Well that is the whole group, I believe this is a 12+ win team as it stands right now everywhere but TE and I think the young guys they are going to bring in are going to bring some energy and speed to this Offense. I cannot wait to see what the Bengals are going to do in the draft and what they are going to do with guy like Williams and Mixon. I am also excited with April 1st approaching to see if the Burrow deal is done and what exactly it looks like. I remain nervous on the Higgins front with the Bengals never having been successful in negotiating a second contract with his agent. I am also hopeful that WIlsons' contract extension goes smoothly as they really need to keep him. Enjoy the ride all, as no matter what happens, it is a special time to be a Bengals fan

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