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What’s the best WR duo in Bengals history?

Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins are moving up the charts.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Tee Higgins is so good that half the media is trying to stir up trade talks to get him out of Cincinnati. And still, he’s clearly the second best receiver on the Cincinnati Bengals right now.

What Ja’Marr Chase, Higgins, and quarterback Joe Burrow are doing right now for Cincinnati is unprecedented in terms of the amount of highlights on the biggest stages. And it’s also apparent that the trio hasn’t even approached its peak yet, as subpar o-line play has prevented them from reaching their potential.

So Chase and Higgins could end up being looked back on as the very best combination of receivers in franchise history.

But that doesn’t mean they’re there yet. Cincinnati has had some amazing WR duos in its history.

Of course there was Chad Johnson and T.J. Housmandzadeh, who went four straight years (2004-2007) of combining for 2,000 yards together.

Before that, though, Bengals fans had the pleasure of watching Carl Pickens and Darnay Scott make electric plays weekly, even though the roster wasn’t good enough to win consistently.

Listen to’s Peter Schrager talk about why they are his favorite wide receiver duo in NFL history here.

Other duos to consider are Isaac Curtis (1973-1984) and Cris Collinsworth (1981-1988) or Collinsworth and Eddie Brown (1985-1991).

Okay, now your turn. Tell me who I left out and who gets your vote for the best duo!