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Tee Higgins extension is a done deal, according to Zim Whodey

Now it’s time to lock up Joe Burrow as well.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It’s crazy to think that just a few weeks ago, the rest of the NFL world was pretty convinced that the Cincinnati Bengals would be wise to trade Tee Higgins. And now his deal is reportedly done before Joe Burrow’s extension.

According to insider Zim Whodey, the Bengals have locked up the fourth-year receiver ahead of the final year on his rookie contract. The terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed.

For those thinking that the Bengals can’t possibly afford to pay for Burrow, Higgins, and Ja’Marr Chase, who will reset the receiver market, it’s important to keep in mind that the front office has made it very clear that they hold Higgins in high esteem.

And it isn’t often that they let someone like that go to another team, at least not at a position they really value, like receiver or quarterback.

Furthermore, the team is keeping up with the times, when the passing game is a greater determinant of success than ever before.

We discuss the report from Zim and what that means for the rest of the Bengals’ roster in the video below:

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