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How big will Joe Burrow’s contract extension be?

How much do you want to spend on the franchise QB who has completely changed Cincinnati’s culture?

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Sports Illustrated

When Joe Burrow pops up in conversation, there is almost nothing bad that comes to mind. He is on a different level.

Coming from a very small town in southeast Ohio, Burrow began his career in Columbus, then Louisiana, and has now made what hopes to be his final stop in Cincinnati, the biggest stage of his life.

And he’s made it look easy.

Burrow is built differently and performs as such. He’s quickly become the face of the Bengals and changed the culture of the Cincinnati Bengals, all in a matter of three years. He has proven himself to be one of if not the best quarterback in the league.

Normally, you see players struggle and fight to win under the lights in close games. When it’s crunch time, Burrow will look at the defensive scheme, call an audible if needed, step back in the pocket, and find a receiver down the sideline or slanted across the middle, setting them up for a new set of downs and a chance to win. He has proven himself time and time again.

For the first time in years, it looks promising that the Bengals will dig deep in their pockets to keep him. It’s safe to say, he will most likely become the highest-paid player in history.

What separates Burrow, though? It’s obvious he likes winning. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. I’m sure he likes money, but who doesn’t?

But Burrow likes money in a different way. He has already contributed so much back to his hometown in Athens County, and that won’t stop.

This offseason, Burrow also began to invest in a new women’s volleyball league. So, as you can see, he likes to help others. It’s hard to imagine that he doesn’t carry this unselfish charisma into his contract negotiations.

The Bengals have already seen a handful of fan-favorite players leave in free agency this offseason, but there’s a chance we also get to keep some. I’m not saying he will take less money, but I’m sure he is working with the front office closely to structure his new deal with the thoughts of keeping several of his favorite weapons around for a while.

Along with Burrow, Tee Higgins and Logan Wilson will be looking for new contracts, then Ja’Marr Chase will follow suit.

PFF Brad Spielberger Contract Projection
Brad Spielberger

Recently, PFF’s Brad Spielberger projected Burrow receives just a four-year deal totaling $214 million. I’m nobody special, but I live in Cincinnati and I have seen firsthand the impact he has had on the city. I think he stays for a little bit longer than four more years.

If he’s a franchise QB, then make him one. My projection would be something in the neighborhood of an eight-year deal worth $460 million. To put it in comparison, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes just signed a 10-year deal worth $450 million.

We know the Bengals have already begun contract negotiations with Burrow, but both sides are keeping it quiet, understandably. My guess is there will be a lot of happy Bengals fans soon enough as both sides look to get a deal done before training camp begins in late July.

What kind of deal do you think Burrow will/should get? Let us know in the comments section!