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Bengals don’t want a new stadium or a roof at Paycor Stadium

The Bengals aren’t planning to have a roof as Hamilton County talks about possible improvements for Paycor Stadium.

The Cincinnati Bengals listened to Hamilton County plans on fixing up Paycor Stadium. The Hamilton County commissioners had a pretty open discussion about all possibilities. The idea of a new stadium and/or adding a roof was discussed, but it doesn’t sound like the Bengals want either of those things.

“We’re not asking for a new stadium, and we don’t think a new stadium needs to be part of the conversation. We don’t need a dome,” Aaron Herzig, a Taft, Stettinius & Hollister attorney who represents the Bengals, told the Business Courier. “We don’t think those make sense here. We need meaningful investment in (Paycor Stadium) starting now. That will save money in the long run. We think the reasonable approach is to upgrade and maintain Paycor Stadium.”

The Bengals will be paying for a portion of the upgrades along with Hamilton County. The idea for the roof is more from an investment point from the commissioners since the stadium is used for more than just football.

The logistics of building an entirely new stadium also just aren’t there. The team had enough issues getting the land to put an indoor practice facility on. A new one would have to be built outside of downtown if they went that route.

Ultimately, it sounds like we won’t be getting a roof and Cincinnati will continue to see some snow games. It will be interesting to see what upgrades are made to improve Paycor stadium over the next few years.