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Bengals War Room Live!

Experts debate the Bengals’ draft board.

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Press Conference David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Join us live at 8:30 pm ET tonight while Cincinnati Bengals experts debate and stack the team’s 2023 NFL Draft board.

Experts include Bengals Twitter icon and host of Bengals on the Brain on YouTube, Joe Goodberry; from SI’s All Bengals, Mike Santagata; publisher of All Bengals and host of Locked on Bengals, James Rapien; Jared Clare, AKA “Draft Guy Jared;” Patrick Carlisle of Cincy Jungle and LP3 Scouting; and me, Matt Minich writer and podcaster for Cincy Jungle.

We’ll talk about who the Bengals should draft and in what round when next week’s NFL Draft kicks off.

Listen in below!

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