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Bengals land Shedrick Jackson, nephew of Bo Jackson; also signing Christian Trahan

The Bengals add more offensive players!

Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser Jake Crandall / Advertiser / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals added a couple of offensive skill position players as undrafted free agents, according to a couple of reports.

The big one fans will be excited about is the team signing Houston tight end (yes, tight end) Christian Trahan after many expected the team to add a difference maker at the position early.

They will also be adding Auburn wide receiver Shedrick Jackson to the mix as well. Jackson is Bo Jackson’s nephew, which really goes to prove that curse has ended.

Here is what Keith Sanchez from Draft Network had to say in regard to Trahan:

Christian Trahan is a versatile tight end for Houston that plays multiple roles. Trahan will occasionally line up as an outside receiver to take advantage of matchups if the linebacker follows him in man. Trahan will also align as a slot receiver to give the quarterback a big target running the seam in the middle of the field. But Trahan’s best alignment is in the H-back position where he does so many things. From this alignment, Trahan can go in motion and act as a lead blocker on run plays. Or he can also do a good job of selling runs with a play-action style play and leak into the flats. The Cougars’ offense looks to get the ball in his hands because he has the ability to pick up yardage after the play.

And here is what Damian Parson from Draft Network shared on Jackson:

Shedrick Jackson checks the boxes as a height and weight receiver prospect. He is well-portioned with a rocked-up frame. He uses his frame to his advantage versus smaller cornerbacks. His toughness shows as he works for yards after the catch. He has good play strength and contact balance after the catch. He aligns as both the X and Z receiver for the Tigers’ offense. He sells his vertical stems well to stress defensive backs. As a result, it opens space underneath and creates effective double moves. He breaks at the top of his stem on comeback routes with solid hip sinkage to lose defenders. He alternates speed throughout his route stem to manipulate leverage. He locates and settles into the soft spots of zone coverage. He projects best as a possession receiver for an offense with run-after-catch potential.

Both of these players have uphill battles to make the final roster, but they will have a great chance to compete to find their way onto a practice squad with some great position coaches and or talent around them to help develop them into roster-worthy players either in Cincinnati or somewhere else in the NFL.