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The advanced analytics say Joe Mixon failed to take advantage of light boxes

The seventh-year running back may have lost some of his magnificent burst.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As if we haven’t had a heated enough debate around Joe Mixon this offseason, Warren Sharp just some threw some light on the fire.

The founder of Sharp Football Analysis recently tweeted about the running back’s production against light boxes. And... it’s not good.

Mixon had the most opportunities of any running back against light boxes, but he finished 36th in yards per carry, 39th in yards after contact, and 34th in explosive run rate out of the 41 running backs that Sharp tracked.

While it is clear that Mixon is still a very talented runner with a tremendous presence in the locker room and city of Cincinnati, that might not be enough to compensate for his high salary, potential legal issues, and lack of fit in an offense that wants to go pass heavy.

Of course, adding Orlando Brown Jr. may help Mixon (if he remains on the team) return to form. Make sure to check out our analysis of the impact Brown will make along with the impacts of Cincinnati’s other major free agent signings:

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