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Podcast: Bengals Draft Wrap-Up

What did the Bengals do and what does it mean?

Big Ten Championship - Purdue v Michigan Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

In this podcast, I talk about the Cincinnati Bengals’ approach to the NFL Draft.

Many fans, myself included, were hoping the Bengals would come out of the draft with an exciting weapon at tight end, or maybe even two. They did not.

Instead, they showed great discipline and did what good teams do. They stuck to their board and drafted the best available player.

Many thought they would double down at running back as well. It makes sense. The Bengals had plenty of openings at tight end and running back, with Hayden Hurst and Samaje Perine leaving in free agency. They drafted a running back, but it was later than expected.

So, what did they get in Chase Brown?

They did double-dip at two positions in wide receiver and cornerback. Why did they do that? What does it mean for the incumbents?

One thing that no one expected was for them to draft a safety on the first two days, but they did.

I talk about all these things, plus the punter and of course first round pick Myles Murphy.