2023 Roster Battles for the 53

For the most part other than someone coming in and blowing the roof off the sucker, there will be a very limited amount of roster turnover from last year other than the replacements of those lost in Free Agency. Following is where I see the competition taking place. 25 on offense, 25 on defense and 3 special teams.


Offensive Tackle-I think they'll carry 5 Tackles with Williams, Carman, Brown Jr and Ford as the main 4 with Adenijii and Smith battling for the 5th spot, all be it temporary until Collins returns from the PUP from which I believe he starts the season.

Interior Offensive Line-Again I think they'll go with 4 as they value versatility and with Carman, Ford and Williams capable of filling in at guard, they shouldn't have to carry any more than that. Karras, Cappa and Volson are secure with Ben Brown, Trey Hill, Max Scharping, Nate Gilliam and Jaxson Kirkland battling for the last spot With Brown and Hill having experience at C, they are the favorites.

TE-I think they will carry 4 with 3 of those spots locked up with Smith Jr, Sample, Asiasi and the last spot going to someone who probably isn't on the roster yet.

WR-I believe they will carry 7 with the obvious of Chase, Higgins and Boyd as the top 3. Jones seems assured of a spot and Morgan probably one as well for his special team's prowess. That leaves Irwin, Taylor, Iosivas and Lassiter fighting for the last 2 spots. Irwin appears to be the favorite for one of those spots with the other 3 battling for the last spot.

RB-I think they'll go with 3 and someone and our 4th ends up on the practice squad. Mixon, Williams and Brown are the favorites. Not sure why Evans fell out of favor.

QB-Burrow and who else? Do they go with Browning or do they find a veteran to come in and back him up. They did go out of their way to bring Browning up to the active roster at the end of last season to express their high interest in keeping him.


Edge-They will likely keep 6 based upon their defensive schemes. Hendrickson, Hubbard, Ossai, Meyers, Sample and Basham will be the 6 with Gunter going to the practice squad.

DT-5 will be the number they keep with Reader, Hill, Carter, Tupou and Tufele taking those 5 spots.

LB-They will likely just keep 4 and if they do keep 5, they'll need to figure what position they decide to go lighter on, but I think it's 4 with someone stashed on the practice squad. Pratt, Wilson, Davis-Gaither are secure with Bailey, Bachie and Keandre Jones battling for that last spot.

CB-6 will likely be the magic number here. Awuzie, Taylor-Britt, Turner, Hilton and Jones are secure with Davis, George, Ivey, Tell and Corker battling for that last spot. I don't see them resigning Apple or Flowers unless they come back on a minimum contract.

S-4 is the number here with Hill, Scott, Battle and Anderson filling those spots.

Special Teams-3




Let's have your thoughts and predictions as we head towards the 2023 season.

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