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SackSEER system makes projections for Myles Murphy

An interesting perspective.

Syndication: The Enquirer Liz Dufour/Cincinnati Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Just how many sacks will new Cincinnati Bengals pass rusher Myles Murphy log through his first five seasons in the NFL?

It’s impossible to predict, but ESPN’s SackSEER system is guessing the Bengals’ 2023 first round pick will log 21.9 sacks through his first five seasons as a pro.

“Murphy’s high projection is almost entirely thanks to his high projected draft position, as his SackSEER projection is a mix of mediocrity and question marks,” Nathan Forster of ESPN’s Football Outsiders wrote. “His production is very similar to (Lukas) Van Ness’. He recorded 18.5 sacks and 5 passes defended in 35 games. However, he does not have the workout numbers Van Ness does. In fact, Murphy has no workout numbers at all. He did not do agility drills at the combine, and he sat out his pro day with a hamstring injury.”

Only third overall pick and new Houston Texans defender Will Anderson (25.9 sacks) and 12th overall pick and new Green Bay Packer Lukas Van Ness (24.5 sacks) are projected to have more sacks than Murphy among the drafted edge rushers in the 2023 class.

That puts him ahead of fellow first-round picks Will McDonald (16th overall pick of New York Jets, Nolan Smith (30th overall pick of Philadelphia Eagles), and Tyree Wilson (seventh overall pick of the Las Vegas Raiders).