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Super Bowl rematch with Rams highlights Bengals’ 2023 primetime games

There are four, and they will be thrilling.

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The Cincinnati Bengals’ 2023 schedule has been released, and there will be four primetime games, with the first being a Week 3 rematch with the Los Angeles Rams.

Of course, this is a Super Bowl LVI rematch. The Bengals lost that game, which happened to be in Los Angeles, 23-20.

It looked like a great opportunity for the Bengals franchise to claim its first Super Bowl title. They are one of the biggest Super Bowl favorites this season, and a storybook season that ends with them winning the title would be even more special if it involves a regular-season win over those very Rams.

For this battle, the Bengals will undoubtedly be favorites, as many of the key players like Vonn Miller, Andrew Whitworth, Odell Beckham Jr, and Jalen Ramsey are no longer with the Rams.

Before the next primetime game, the Bengals will have a Week 7 bye.

In Week 9, Burrow will take on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills in a primetime Sunday night battle on November 5.

A Thursday Night Football battle against the Baltimore Ravens will be next up in Week 11.

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The final primetime game for the Bengals will be a Monday Night Football showdown with the Jacksonville Jaguars, a battle between two of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the league — Burrow and Trevor Lawrence.

The Bengals then end their season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Cleveland Browns, a trio of difficult opponents. With the San Francisco 49ers tied in there as well, the Bengals will have a slew of quality games on the schedule.

While many might like to see that game in a heavily-viewed spot, considering where this team has come in the past five years, no one should be complaining about the number of primetime games.

Here’s a clear picture of the entire schedule, allowing one to plan their fall and winter months properly. That said, expect a good chunk of wins coming to the Bengals this upcoming season.

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