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Bengals sign all eight Draft picks

Well that was fast.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals Rookie Minicamp The Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

Earlier today, it was announced that the Cincinnati Bengals signed first round pick Myles Murphy to his rookie deal.

Well now the team has announced that they’ve signed all eight picks.

That means second round corner DJ Turner, third round safety Jordan Battle, fourth round receiver Charlie Jones, fifth round running back Chase Brown, sixth round receiver Andrei Iosivas, sixth round punter Brad Robbins, and seventh round corner DJ Ivey can all report to rookie mini camp.

This should be huge for a team looking to plus guys like Robbins into a starting role on a contender. And Brown will be able to learn pass blocking schemes early, hopefully making him a major contributor down the stretch. Lastly, Jones could have a big impact as a returner, so getting him under contract this early is huge.

Check out our analysis of all of those picks in the videos below:

All this just a day after the Bengals’ 2023-24 schedule was released with some exciting primetime matchups. Make sure to also watch our review of the schedule below:

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