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What is the best game on the Bengals’ 2023 schedule?

The story lines are in place for a very interesting season.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals schedule is out, and everyone is making their predictions and looking at all the primetime games. But what is the best game on the schedule going to be? A lot can go into that question, so we will take a look at a few honorable mentions before we make our declaration.

Baltimore Ravens Week 2 in Cincinnati

The last time we saw these two teams, Sam Hubbard was busy rumbling for one of the biggest swing plays in the NFL after Germaine Pratt forced a fumble against Pro Bowl quarterback Tyler Huntley on the 1-yard line. After that, Baltimore entered an off-season where it seemed like they would lose Lamar Jackson at several points.

The mega deal did finally get done between Jackson and the Ravens, and it is safe to assume this rivalry will be as fierce as ever with Jackson’s future secure in place. And the first order of business will be Baltimore seeking revenge for their Wild Card exit.

Buffalo Bills Week 9 in Cincinnati

Everyone knows what happened the last time these two faced off in the regular season with the terrible scene of waiting and hoping Damar Hamlin would get up and be okay. Fortunately, Hamlin seems to be preparing for a comeback in training camp, which is a beautiful sight.

On less of a bright note, the Bengals let the Bills know that they were beaten in the Divisional Round game during the playoffs. There was plenty of motivation for both sides, and there was an argument to be had that the game should have been held in Cincinnati.

There will be no love lost in this game that pits two of the top AFC quarterbacks against each other, Defensive Lou Anarumo was able to bottle up Josh Allen last time, but can the defense repeat that performance with a cast of new faces?

The best game of 2023

Kansas City Chiefs Week 17 in Kansas City

There was no doubt this game was going to be here. Even before the schedule was announced, whenever these two teams are set to face off, it is much-watch football. The last four games have all come down to the last play with only a field goal difference in each game.

This will be a rematch of the AFC Championship game played in Kansas City last season, where a poor punt and badly timed penalty set up the Chiefs with a ticket to their third Super Bowl win. It is easy to say that this game will also have huge playoff implications and may even decide where the AFC Championship game is played.

Burrow and quarterback Patrick Mahomes are the top two quarterbacks in the AFC, and they never disappoint to put on a show. Even if the Bengals are 3-1 in the rivalry, that doesn’t make a difference in 2023. These two teams have become the new New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts rivalry when Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were playing for them.

This may be the best game of the whole 2023 season. Not even just the Bengals. The entire NFL world has watched this become a legitimate rivalry, and it is no surprise CBS claimed this as their game of the week as well as this game being a part of the first officially leaked by the NFL.