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Bengals reveal rookie class jersey numbers

The Bengals released the jersey numbers for all eight draft picks!

Syndication: The Enquirer Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Just a few hours after the NFL released each team’s full schedule for the upcoming 2023 season, the Cincinnati Bengals released each of their eight rookie jersey numbers on Twitter.

They are:

  • Myles Murphy: 99
  • DJ Turner: 20
  • Jordan Battle: 27
  • Charlie Jones: 15
  • Chase Brown: 30
  • Andrei Iosivas: 80
  • Brad Robbins: 10
  • DJ Ivey: 38

For the majority of the fresh faces on the team, the jersey numbers match the traditional range of numbers for that position. Iosivas is wearing 80, a typical receiver number, and Murphy is wearing 99, which is a typical defensive end number. Jones, however, chose 15 for a wide receiver, which is okay under the NFL’s new rules.

It is interesting that Brad Robbins, the punter drafted out of Michigan in the sixth round, is wearing No. 10, which is the same number long-time punter Kevin Huber wore in Cincinnati for his entire career. Robbins is obviously hoping Huber’s longevity rubs off on him.

Here are the number announcement Tweets:

Ready for some history? Here is a famous Bengals player to wear each of these numbers in the past:

  • No. 99: Oliver Gibson
  • No. 20: Lemar Parrish
  • No. 27: Artrell Hawkins
  • No. 15: Chris Henry
  • No. 30: Ickey Woods
  • No. 80: Cris Collinsworth
  • No. 10: Kevin Huber and Jim Breech
  • No. 38: Michael Basnight

There are some good ones here.