Dalvin Cook should we??

Well it seems that all signs are pointing to Dalvin Cook and the Vikings parting ways in what could be a June 1st cut. Dalvin is a 3 down back who's got the juice we have needed in the backfield over the last couple of years. With Mixon currently on the roster and at a cost of 12.7M this year and a savings of 10.1M should the Bengals entertain the idea of bringing in a guy like Dalvin Cook. All the other teams in the AFC and some in the NFC have really improved with the quality of players they've brought in. I do feel like a guy like Dalvin Cook could put us that much closer to winning the SB as Cook is a career 4.7 ypc guy to go along with catching 35-45 balls per year and close to 8.1 per catch. Not something I think we will do but given that it's May and I don't think anyone thought a guy like Cook would see the open market post draft, the question is should we consider it??

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