Current Roster Breakdown

Been trying to go through and update all the rosters after the draft, figured some may get some mileage out of seeing ours as it currently sits.

A few notes on some of the columns and what they represent.

Exp: Years since the player was drafted

Accr: Accrued seasons (6+ games on the active roster, per OTC). Used to quickly judge which players have not accrued seasons because they've been on practice squads the whole time etc.

Acquire: How the player was acquired by the team. Purple indicates they were drafted and never released, including prior year picks (for judging how much of the roster was acquired through the draft). New free agents for 2023 are green if they were vets (4+ years experience) and grey if they are not (and thus were signed to some restricted/minimum deal etc).

Signed: What type of contract the player is currently on. Same color scheme applies with purple for draft picks, green for vet FAs, and grey for restricted/minimum level deals (who aren't likely to make the roster etc).

Apy: The average value of the contract. The colors here are used to quickly identify how much a player is paid relative to his position. Purple is again a rookie deal, orange represents a vet on a basically minimum deal, and then on up through yellow (avg), green (pricy), blue (top 10-15 ish), and cyan (top 3-5 at the position).

Gntd: How much total guaranteed money was included in their current deal.

Void: If the current deal includes any void years, this column will list how much $$ is included.

2023-2026: These columns operate just like APY does except they are for each successive cap hit, where purple is a rookie deal and then orange/yellow/green/blue/cyan represent how pricy each year is. I've also attempted to project how expensive their next FA deal will be if their current deal expires at or before 2026 using that same measuring stick.

I will also say, grading for rookies is basically just me comparing where they were drafted to their pre-draft ranking (per The Athletic), meshing those together and then bumping that up against a standard scale I use. There obviously isn't much to go on for rookies until we see them in camp/preseason etc so take these with a large grain of salt.

This also serves as my current 53-man projection (50 rather, since special teams aren't included), as I've indicated which players are "Active" vs "Cut" in the Status column.

I should also mention, "Snaps" is not a season-long projection. It is how I would expect snaps to be apportioned if they lined up to play a game today. So no I don't expect Turner to see 0 snaps on the season, but if they started the season tomorrow and he's the CB4 he isn't going to be projected to see any real action. IMO of course.



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