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Duke Tobin gives update on Joe Burrow contract talks; praises Zac Taylor and Katie Blackburn

“We plan on Joe Burrow being here a long time.” - Duke Tobin.

Carolina Panthers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals have their hands full with contract negotiations this summer.

From Joe Burrow and Tee Higgins on offense to Logan Wilson on defense, the Bengals front office has numerous big-time names to chat with about contract extensions.

Duke Tobin shared some insight Thursday afternoon on the Pat McAfee Show.

When asked by McAfee about the contract situation with Burrow, Tobin stated, “The only thing I can predict with the contract is that it is going to be a sizable amount of money, and he is not going to be asking any of you for loans any time soon. He will be paid well, and he’s earned it.”

Tobin credited the person keeping track of the salary numbers and cap in the Bengals front office, namely executive vice president Katie Blackburn.

“Katie is on top of that one. She’s the one that keeps us on track with the salary cap, not only for this year, but for future years. Everything we do, we are looking now, but these dollars count. If you aren’t counting them this year, you are counting them next year or the year after. Every dollar that goes out counts.”

Tobin also went on to say, “We plan on Joe Burrow being here a long time.”

Burrow has been the driving force in reviving the Bengals franchise and has put Cincinnati in a position to compete for an AFC Championship and Super Bowl each year.

In addition, Tobin praised the man most responsible for the development of Burrow in head coach Zac Taylor, who has been widely regarded as one of the NFL’s most player-friendly coaches.

“We never really had any doubt from Zac from the moment we met him,” Tobin stated. “We knew he was about the right stuff. He believed in the same things that we believe in as a football team. He really relates well to players. He knows how to take care of players. He knows how to push them when they need to be pushed. He’s got the right mindset in terms of doing what the players do best and putting our players in position to be successful, and he’s proven to be able to do that, you know, with players like Joe Burrow and Higgins and Chase and all of our guys, so there was never really any hesitation because we knew what he was about.”

After winning just three games in his first two seasons with the Bengals, Taylor has led the franchise to five playoff wins over the last two seasons.

For perspective, the Bengals franchise had just five playoff wins in its previous 53 years of existence prior to the 2021 season.

The trio of Burrow, Taylor, and Blackburn figure to keep this franchise winning big games in the NFL playoffs for the foreseeable future.

Be sure to listen to the full Duke Tobin interview below.

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