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Film Room: DJ Turner Puts on a Clinic

DJ Turners film shows great examples of how you should play cornerback

Washington v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I have had many jobs. I have coached positions on offense and coordinated a defense, but I am a defensive backs coach by trade. That is my greatest level of expertise and enjoyment.

In addition to his coaches at Michigan, DJ Turner has worked with former NFL player Ray Buchanan for years, and it shows. The Cincinnati Bengals’ new cornerback was the most refined cornerback in the draft.

Not once, but twice in the pre-draft process, I was so impressed by something he did that I had to make a video and share it. This is clinic film. Film that is so good, coaches should use it as an example to teach others what to do. In this article, I will share these clips with you. Turn up your volume for a breakdown.

The first clip focuses on his eye discipline and how it helps him against double moves.

The second clip is about how he uses his body and the sideline to close the window on the deep outside throw.