DeAndre Hopkins Situation

Interesting quotes from SI on Hopkins. I saw a lot of hand wringing last week when he was cut, with our fans afraid of a rival signing him. Apparently both of the Chiefs and Bills attempted to trade for him, but the math never worked. Especially after OBJ signed for $15 million. I likened Hopkins to a WR close to home, AJ Green. To be clear, it wasn't a character comparison (AJ was mostly a class act). My issue is what typically happens to receivers as they cross over 30. Reading the quotes from SI on Hopkins from league insiders, I'm going to say stop worrying, I feel correct. What do you think?

1) "I asked one veteran team executive what’s still there, and he answered, via text, "Not much. He can’t run anymore." "

2) "He’s still a good player. Good route runner, big, physical target that can play a ball in the air. He’s still a threat."

3) "Still great hands, he is not going to separate, not much of a deep threat, but very strong, and makes contested catches as well as anyone in the NFL," the AFC exec said. "Does not love to practice—I can’t imagine that’ll get any better. And when things don’t go well, you’re always gonna be leery, All right, what kind of drama are we gonna get from this guy? When things are great, he’s great. When things go south, his true colors show a little bit.

4) What we know is by the end in Houston, Hopkins was banged up enough to where he barely practiced at all during the season—and that was three and a half years ago, and before he started missing time due to injury. While over his first eight NFL seasons, he played in 126 of 128 games (plus six of six playoff games), he’s missed 15 of 34 games (six due to a PED suspension) the past two years. "Generally, those trends don’t reverse themselves. Which is one reason why, exciting as the idea of acquiring Hopkins might sound for certain fan bases, interest has been very tepid from teams."

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