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Will the Bengals be able to keep Tyler Boyd beyond 2023?

Boyd loves Cincinnati, but he could be in line for a major payday in 2024.


What if money had no value to it?

Could things turn out differently if money wasn’t an issue?

Is it possible for this Bengals team to defy the odds and re-sign players due to the love of the game and camaraderie?

It’s very clear to everyone the Bengals have, arguably, the best receiving trio in the league with Chase, Higgins, and Boyd. Last season almost all three receivers surpassed 1,000 receiving yards, Chase with 1,046, Higgins with 1,029, and Boyd with 762.

Not only do I think all three will reach 1,000 yards this season, but there will also be other rising stars with the continuation of Trenton Irwin, and newcomers Charlie Jones “Chuck Sizzle” and Andrei Iosivas. Get ready for this team to break records.

The difference I see with these Bengals players vs. any other players that changes the entire scope of this league is the desire to be here. Watching different interviews, you see players talk about how much they want to be in Cincinnati, and they want to stay.

Boyd is entering the last season on his contract, and possibly the last season in a Bengals uniform. Despite this being a money-hungry, cash-driven league, can the Bengals maintain most of their team without financial obligations.

“I’m very appreciative of them still wanting me to be around and knowing they don’t want to trade me and things like that. At the end of the day, I’ve just got to help my guys get better,” Boyd explained recently.

This team means a lot to him, and he wants to make that very obvious, “I ain’t going to be playing ball forever…but I’m always going to love this franchise, and I’m going to always be a Bengal.”

Boyd knows just as much as everyone else this team is no joke and is nothing to scoff at. Every piece seems to be falling in the right spot at the right time, and it’s time to take what they deserve.

“I know we have a very, very high chance of making it to the Super Bowl and even winning it, and this is where I want to be, whether I come up with a new deal or not,” Boyd said.

You will most likely see a big but strategic payday given to Burrow, Higgins, and eventually Chase. All three are very deserving of it. But let’s not forget the games Chase wasn’t as productive, along with some other games where Boyd simply stepped up.

He may not get a huge payday, but is there a chance the love of the game and the brotherhood of the game play a bigger part than the money?

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One of the best things I began to see 2 years ago, and it continued into last season, was the celebrations. Not the specific dances they were doing, but the fact they were doing them together…as a team. This tells everyone that they aren’t just a team, they are a family.

Will money prevail, or will we get to see ‘TB’, arguably the most underrated player on this offense, in orange and black longer than we expected?