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Andrei Iosivas developing quickly thanks to Tee Higgins

The rookie receiver from Princeton is learning how to use his physical gifts from one of the best

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals Rookie Minicamp The Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

At 6’ 3”, 212 pounds, Andrei Iosivas is a big man, especially for a wide receiver.

So it’s a good thing he gets to learn from the 6’ 4”, 220 Tee Higgins.

Recently, the rookie revealed that he’s been figuring out how to use his massive frame at the professional level from a man who has done it rather successfully for a few years now.

Iosivas said:

Tee knows we’re very similar in build, so he knows how my body works more... Tee is humongous. He gets out of his breaks really well. If I can just be a mentee under him for a little bit. See how he does things. Even he told me that DBs in the league are surprised how fast he comes out of his breaks despite how big he is. So I want to be at that level.

So what has sixth-round pick out of Princeton learned from the fourth-year veteran so far? Here’s what he told’s Geoff Hobson:

A big thing for me is dropping my hips... When [Higgins] told me how to do it and I saw how he did it, he literally showed me in front of him... Seeing it on video is different than seeing it in real life. Show me, replicate and do it right there as well.

The result of having such a great model is that Iosivas is making exceptional progress in his first training camp. “If you look at the progression in my routes from the first day I got here until now, you would think I went through a boot camp for three months,” he said.

We talk about Iosivas’ development in the video below:

You can also listen on iTunes or using the player below: