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Sometimes penny stocks have more value than blue chip stocks

Sometimes undrafted players are undermined and undervalued and come out higher than drafted players.

Cincinnati Bengals Offseason Workout Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Sometimes your smaller, undervalued, undermined penny stocks turn out to better than your bigger, well-known, overvalued blue chip stocks. Sometimes the same things happen with professional athletes.

You have your popular, big-name players getting drafted in the first few rounds, even getting drafted at all.

Your blue chip players always get noticed and are normally chosen or looked at first, whether it’s because they play in one of the Power Five conferences or because they led the nation in a statistic.

Penny stock players get noticed, but not nearly as often. The best part of these players, they never give up, they never stop fighting, and never lose heart. They always find a way to play hard.

Over the last decade, the Bengals have signed a handful of undrafted players who didn’t receive that one lucky phone call, that turned out to be fan favorites.

Vontaze Burfict, LB Arizona State: Burfict was undrafted out of Arizona State University. He was a mean, lean, fighting machine who was one of the last hard-nosed football players left in the game. He had some off-field issues, but the Bengals took a chance on him, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

Cincinnati Bengals

Alex Erickson, WR Wisconsin: Erickson was a smaller receiver out of the Big 10 who the Bengals liked because of his return skills and is clutch hands. He was fifth in ‘18 in return yards, and he was a reliable target for Dalton.


Vinny Rey, LB Duke: He wasn’t a blue chip player in the ACC, but he wasn’t a penny stock either as he was Second-team All-ACC his final season before going undrafted to the Bengals in 2010. He signed a two-year deal worth $731,000 coming out of Duke. With a series of opportunities due to injuries, Rey proved himself to Cincinnati. He stepped up and stepped in and turned that first two-year deal into a three-year deal worth $11.5 million.

This year, after all of the official phone calls were done with, the Bengals signed nine undrafted free agents:

  • OL Jaxson Kirkland
  • S Larry Brooks III
  • TE Christian Trahan
  • RB Jacob Saylors
  • WR Shedrick Jackson
  • LB Jaylen Moody
  • RB Calvin Tyler Jr.
  • WR Malachi Carter
  • WR Mac Hippenhammer
  • LB Shaka Heyward
  • DT Devonnsha Maxwell
  • LB Tyler Murray
  • DT Tautala Pesefea

Kirkland, Heyward, and Maxwell have been named three of the best undrafted players for the Bengals, according to Pro Football Network. All three can potentially have big impacts with the Bengals right away because of the lack of depth at those positions.

Pro Football Network

Now we can watch which penny stocks the Bengals invest in and see which one has the most growth potential and return on investment (ROI).