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Bills’ playoff loss to Bengals fractured “bromance” between Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, per RGIII

Robert Griffin III recently shared the inside story.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals surprised even their own fans by beating the brakes off the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional round, winning 27-10 in snowy Highmark Stadium.

Apparently, the fallout of that game is still affecting team chemistry in Buffalo.

Bills receiver Stefon Diggs skipped one day of mandatory practice, and now the reason is starting to become clearer.

Recently, former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III called into The Rich Eisen Show and explained what’s going on between Diggs and Josh Allen, his star quarterback.

Here is what Griffin had to say about the heart of the issue right now:

[Diggs] and Josh Allen seemed to have a bromance rolling it felt like for years there until there was a problem with their game against the Bengals in the playoffs. So I think it’s clear, this is a personal thing between Josh and Diggs. And they have to get the partnership back on the field. And that’s part of playing quarterback, I think Josh Allen’s running into that right now. Everything is fine, until it’s not fine in a relationship when it comes to a quarterback and a wide receiver like Diggs. So Josh has to manage that relationship the right way. And I think he’s the only one that can rectify.

Host Rich Eisen then asked what exactly happened in that game, to which Griffin replied:

So I’ve talked with people close the situation and, and really what it boils down to is in that last game against the Bengals, Diggs was the most targeted receiver in that game. I think he had get 10 targets in that game. But when they were down 17, they had a 10 play drive that ended in a turnover on downs. And Diggs only got one ball thrown his way. So you would think that a player of his caliber with the relationship that he has with Josh Allen, in those moments, he would look to him more often, more often. And, and that didn’t happen. I think that was something that why we saw Diggs hold his hands up looking at Josh on the sideline when they had the little tiff that was shown on TV.

It’s interesting to note that, this was never an issue before that playoff blowout loss to the Bengals. Here’s what Griffin said:

Diggs does get targeted by Josh Allen, a lot, a lot more than anybody else on the football field. I think this really just came to a head in that playoff game, because in that moment, if it was handled differently, when Diggs had his emotional outburst on the sidelines, if that was handled differently by Josh Allen and the team, I think we wouldn’t be talking about this today. But it wasn’t, you know... they kind of ignored him. And there was a whole scene after that game. I think that has led to some of these rumblings throughout the offseason.

We discuss the role the Bengals played in this issue between Diggs and the Bills on our most recent show:

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