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Willie Anderson shows appreciation for how Joe Burrow has handled the offensive line

The former offensive tackle is impressed with how the Bengals QB has handled the protection issues

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

It is no secret the Cincinnati Bengals have struggled protecting Joe Burrow throughout his career.

But, for the number of times Burrow has been sacked, he has never batted an eye or shown frustration through his three seasons.

Former Bengals offensive lineman and Ring of Honor inductee Willie Anderson chatted with AllBengals James Rapien about how impressed he has been with Burrow’s maturity towards a struggling line.

“I want to thank you as a former lineman,” Anderson said he told Burrow. “How you handle yourself during a game with your offensive linemen. As offensive linemen, we always look to see which quarterback is really cool with his guy, which offensive linemen really ride with their quarterback,” according to Rapien.

Anderson compared Burrow to Boomer Esiason as well, according to Rapien.

Anderson also went on to say, “You still want to be that guy, that leader. And once he took over the spot. The lineman never wanted to be the guy that got Boomer hit. Because he was doing so many good things. ... He started the Dallas Cowboys game. He came in after the game and gave every starter like $1,500,” according to Rapien.

The qualities that Anderson described about Esiason is incredibly similar to the composure that Burrow has show throughout his years in Cincinnati.

Having a guy like Burrow and Boomer behind center gives the offensive line energy to protect those guys as best as possible.

This season Burrow will have the best offensive line he has seen in front of him and it could be exactly what the offense needs to help get the franchise back to the Super Bowl.