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Damar Hamlin announces CPR tour in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati

The Bills safety is using his life experience to help save lives.

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Jeff Romance / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you were tuned into the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills game on January 2nd this past season, I am sure you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when Damar Hamlin went down at Paycor Stadium.

Since having his life saved, Hamlin has not stopped with his community involvement and is now launching a CPR tour in Buffalo.

This tour will also include a stop in Pittsburgh, where Hamlin is from, and Cincinnati, where he suffered the cardiac arrest.

Hamlin discussed his foundation, stating, “The Chasing M’s Foundation will be giving AEDs to sports and community groups for kids to be safe while they are chasing their dreams,” Hamlin said. “And this program is very important, because it gives lifesaving care to kids in their own communities and on their fields,” according to ESPN.

Even if Hamlin never launched his Foundation, his life-changing experience will help save lives in athletics across the country.

Hamlin is continuing to use his platform after suffering the cardiac arrest to ensure the well-being of all athletes, of all ages, throughout every level of sports.