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Move the Sticks Podcast ranks the top 10 quarterbacks heading into the 2023 season

Where does Joe Burrow land on their top 10 list?

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Move The Sticks Podcast crew chatted about their top-10 quarterbacks going into the 2023 season, in a draft style.

Daniel Jeremiah took Patrick Mahomes at number one after winning his second Super Bowl this past season. Coming in at number two is Joe Burrow, according to Bucky Brooks.

Brooks stated: “It has nothing to do with the talent. It has all to do with the composure, the confidence, and the swagger that he has infused into the Cincinnati Bengals since he stepped onto the scene.”

Brooks continued his breakdown of Burrow, saying, “There are a couple of different types of leaders, and he is what we call a thermostat leader. The temperature changes in the room when he walks in. His ability to play point guard in a fast-break offense makes this team dangerous. Burrow to me is right behind Pat Mahomes because he has everything you look for in the position.”

The remainder of the top 10 list is:

3. Justin Herbert (Jeremiah)

4. Josh Allen (Brooks)

5. Jalen Hurts (Jeremiah)

6. Aaron Rodgers (Brooks)

7. Trevor Lawrence (Jeremiah)

8. Lamar Jackson (Brooks)

9. Matthew Stafford (Jeremiah)

10. Deshaun Watson (Brooks)

What are your thoughts on the ranking? Sound off in the comments section!

And listen to the full episode here.