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Justin Jefferson and ESPN both rank Joe Burrow as a top-3 QB

High praise continues.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals have one of the best signal callers in the entire league in Joe Burrow. Regardless of whose rankings you see on a given outlet, Burrow will appear in the top-five much more often than not.

Leading the charge of the Bengals’ turnaround, Burrow has placed himself in the conversation with the best in the game. Off-season downtime is peak quarterback ranking season, so you’ve likely seen several going around.

Chiming in on the rankings, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and Burrow’s former teammate ranks Burrow in his top three.

Jefferson has caught passes from Burrow in college and made his way to being arguably the best wide receiver in football, so his opinion on the subject carries weight. Checking in behind Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers on Jefferson’s list, it is clear he holds Burrow in high regard.

Elsewhere, according to an ESPN survey conducted around the league, people in NFL circles rank Burrow even higher, locking him in to the No. 2 spot behind Mahomes.

“Unflappable. Very calm. Poised,” one AFC executive said. “Whether you’re pressuring him, whether he’s ahead or behind, he stays level all the time.”

“He takes time to appreciate because the elite athlete isn’t what you see first,” a veteran NFL scout said to ESPN. “But the more you watch him, the more you’re like, Damn, he’s doing the right thing every play. It’s a lot like [Drew] Brees and [Tom] Brady where they start doing things so consistently every year, and you’re thinking, Well, maybe he really is that guy.”

The praise for Burrow around the league continues, and right around contract extension time. It appears it is good to be Joe Burrow.

You can see the full rankings and their breakdown of Burrow here.