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Weekend open thread: 2024 Bengals Ring of Honor inductees

Lemar Parrish feels like a gimme, but who else should make it?

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Clifton Boutelle/Getty Images

Greetings, Bengals fans!

For our latest weekend open thread, this felt like an easy topic to go with, being that the 2023 Ring of Honor class was just announced, featuring wideout Chad Johnson and quarterback Boomer Esiason.

So, who do you believe gets the call in 2024?

Next year’s class will almost certainly feature two of the names who were on the most recent voting list, which, outside of Esiason and Johnson, included:

  • K Jim Breech
  • RB James Brooks
  • WR Cris Collinsworth
  • RB Corey Dillon
  • S David Fulcher
  • DT Tim Krumrie
  • G Dave Lapham
  • G Max Montoya
  • CB Lemar Parrish
  • TE Bob Trumpy
  • OLB Reggie Williams

Obviously, Corey Dillon has been the hot topic recently. However, even if you take away his criticism of the team and its Ring of Honor process, there’s still a strong case for guys like Lemar Parrish, Reggie Williams, and Bob Trumpy to make it in before Dillon.

Heck, Parrish has a strong case to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame. My guess is he’s part of next year’s class, which will hopefully increase his odds of making it to the Hall as a senior nominee, a la the late great Ken Riley.

What say you Bengals fans? Who should be part of the 2024 Ring of Honor class? Let us know in the comments section!