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Bengals star Ja’Marr Chase helps Brix’s Make-A-Wish dream become a reality

One small act of kindness can go a long way.


If you have never watched ESPN’s Make-A-Wish program, take five minutes out of your day and go watch one. It gives people a chance to tell their stories, and sometimes that’s all they need.

Last week, we met 6-year-old Brixton “Brix” Woods from Georgetown, Texas. His dream when he grows up is to be a receiver, but his family was hit by some unexpected news.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Brix was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). He was admitted to the hospital and a long fight ahead of him. While he had the fight of a lifetime, he had one wish. He wanted to meet Ja’Marr Chase.

When Brix was asked by WCPO reporter Tanya O’Rourke if he could have anything in the world, what would it be?

“I want to meet Ja’Marr Chase,” Brix told her.

While he was in the hospital, he did what anyone would do, he fought like hell. No matter how hard things get, you can’t give up, and Brix was no exception.

He even made up his own Who Dey chant. According to his mom, Ashley, he was chanting “Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat that cancer, Brixton!” the day his treatment ended.

As his treatment was ending, Make-A-Wish made his dreams come true. Brix and his family had the chance to fly out to Cincinnati and meet Chase, Trayveon Williams and the rest of the Bengals team.

Brix Woods poses with Ja’Marr Chase and Trayveon Williams.
Make-A-Wish Foundation

After playing catch with Chase and Williams, Brix received a couple of tips from Chase as he hit “The Griddy” up and down the field.

Brix hitting The Griddy with Chase.
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Brix taking a handoff from Chase.
Make-A-Wish Foundation

I can only imagine this will be a memory Brix and his family will never forget. A wish every kid dreams of is to meet their favorite athlete.

Brix is just one of hundreds of people who the Make-A-Wish foundation helps enable them to meet their favorite celebrities and athletes. Brix is in remission and his family expects him to stay healthy.

If you’re not doing anything, go watch his story.