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Bengals staying mum on Joe Burrow contract talks

Radio silence.

The Cincinnati Bengals are getting back to work, as rookies and quarterbacks reported to training camp on Sunday.

To the surprise of no one, franchise quarterback Joe Burrow was in attendance, despite not having a new contract with the team done. Nobody expected Burrow to hold out or do the new “hold in.” It just isn’t his style.

When asked about his contract during OTAs, Burrow said that he and the organization both preferred to keep those conversations private, and when speaking to the media Monday, members of the organization shared the same sentiment.

Gathered around a table, media members questioned owner Mike Brown about the status of Burrow’s extension, but Brown offered no comment.

Reporters received nearly and identical response from Director of Player Personnel, Duke Tobin when the question was thrown his way.

Burrow is a relatively quiet guy. Aside from photographs of him at a few events this off-season, we really haven’t heard from him outside if media availability. His reserved nature pairs well with that of the Bengals, as they typically like to keep matters in house when at all possible.

Don’t expect any subliminal tweets from Burrow as they hammer out a deal. If anything, you should expect the contract news to come out of nowhere when you expect it the least.

Burrow will be in Cincinnati for the long haul. For now, it is just a matter of timing and deal structure, as he has said he wants to keep teammates like Tee Higgins, Ja’Marr Chase and Logan Wilson along for the ride with him.