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Damar Hamlin has a special love for Cincinnati, ‘my third home’

The Buffalo Bill returns to Cincinnati for a charitable event.

NFL: Buffalo Bills Minicamp Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The world will never forget the night Damar Hamlin went down against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hamlin most recently returned to Cincinnati for a program with the American Heart Association and spoke at the University of Cincinnati.

Since having his life saved at Paycor Stadium by both the Bills and Bengals medical teams and the UC Medical Center staff, he now considers Cincinnati one of his other homes.

“When we started this CPR tour, we had three cities in mind,” Hamlin said.

“Pittsburgh, my hometown, Buffalo, my second home, and Cincinnati, my third home. Today we have members of the UC trauma team. They treated me with a care that was unmatched. I told them they treated me like family. I didn’t feel like a patient that was going through a life-or-death situation. I felt like a family member. It was all genuine love, genuine care,” Hamlin stated.

Hamlin continues to use his near-death experience to help others around the country.