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Joe Burrow stars in hilarious video promoting new brand deal with BodyArmor

If you like laughing and Joe Burrow, you’re going to want to watch this

Syndication: The Enquirer Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Joe Burrow recently starred in a video with Barstool Sports personality Caleb Pressley promoting his new brand partnership with BodyArmor.

BodyArmor is a sports performance drink made by Coca-Cola.

The brand made a multi-year partnership with the star quarterback.

That said, Burrow was asked an array of questions that prompted hilarious and awkward responses. Whether it was if he had cheated before or how to snap a football, Burrow elaborated on everything in a quest to show how he gets a competitive advantage.

There was even a segment where Burrow showed off his basketball ability. At the end of the 4-minute video, he touches on how BodyArmor is what he puts in his body to get that advantage.

Burrow, who has transformed the Cincinnati Bengals organization, could be eyeing an extension that makes him the highest-paid quarterback in the league. However, a partnership with one of the popular sports drinks in the world certainly never hurts the pocketbook too.