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Coach Speak: Joe Burrow and the Definition of “Several”

What did Zac Taylor REALLY say about Joe Burrow and the quarterback situation?

Cincinnati Bengals Offseason Workout Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Let’s talk about Webster.

No, not the hit 80s TV show starring Emmanuel Lewis and Ted Karras’s great uncle, Alex.

It’s actually Webster’s Dictionary, which defines “several as “more than two, but not many.”

That’s promising.

Zac Taylor said that Joe Burrow would be out for “several weeks.”

Six weeks gets us to Cleveland. Is several less than that?

Webster’s Dictionary is a bit more vague in its definition of many, defining it as “a large number.”

Emmanuel Lewis did not immediately respond to attempts to reach him for his definition of “many.”

In this podcast, I dive into Zac Taylor’s comments about Burrow’s injury and the likelihood of adding another quarterback into the mix.

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