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Why we shouldn’t worry about training camp injuries

Don’t look too hard into training camp injuries

Trayveon Williams carted off the field after an ankle injury during practice.
Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Since training camp has started, we have seen a few big names come up with injuries. Quarterback Joe Burrow was the first player to get carted off with what team doctors explained as a calf strain.

A few days ago, rookie wideout Charlie Jones went down with a shoulder injury after a spectacular grab, then running back Trayveon Williams, who is fighting for the backup role, got carted off with an ankle injury.

Thankfully, Jones and Williams have already returned to practice, while Burrow is now throwing and running without a sleeve on his injured calf.

Injuries will happen, especially in football. It’s a physical game. What we fans can’t do is look too deep into the injury and think the worst. Too many people think the worst right away. They hear about the injury, and it’s their favorite player or the player they were most excited about, and they assume the worst right away.

Training camp is about reps, not about taking chances. If a player with worth goes down, the team is not going to take a chance on continuing to play them to risk anything more serious that will hurt the regular season.

This gives the new guys a chance to learn the playbook, the starting veterans a chance to knock the offseason rust off, and then back up veterans to get some practice in case they find themselves on the field on any given Sunday.

So far, none of the injuries that have occurred worry me at all. Let’s just hope for a healthy remainder of camp and prepare for a well-anticipated season.