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Adam Jones says Joe Burrow is the best NFL QB; praises Bengals secondary

The former Bengals cornerback and punt returner thinks 2023 could be the team’s year!

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Adam “Pacman” Jones, the former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback and punt returner, has stuck around the city and team ever since his career came to an end after the 2018 season, even though he finished his career with the Broncos when he was 35.

He’s now 39 and recently talked with’s Geoff Hobson about the 2023 team, his thoughts on the young secondary, and quarterback Joe Burrow.

The former All-Pro cornerback is excited about the Bengals' secondary, saying that he likes both of the rookie corners from the 2023 NFL Draft.

Jones said D.J. Turner “can flat-out run.” He also likes D.J. Ivey and the young safeties too.

“I like Ivey a lot, too,” Jones said. “He’s fast, and he’s got a little dog in him too. They’ve done a great job bringing in these young guys ready to play. Cam (Taylor) Britt is ready to play. The safety (Tycen) Anderson. You can tell he’s been in the system a year up under Lou with the plays he made. That’s just good Ball IQ.”

Jones went on to say the linebackers the Bengals extended this offseason — Germaine Pratt and Logan Wilson — are both “top in the league,” and if the team stays healthy up front, “Bro, I think this is our year.”

Of course, a defense can’t win a Super Bowl all by itself, and Jones thinks quarterback Joe Burrow is the best at what he does in the NFL.

“Burrow is in a class of his own,” he said. “Burrow is the best quarterback in the league when it comes to just talent as a quarterback as far as reading progressions. I love Mahomes. I think he’s a great quarterback. He has unbelievable talent with his arm and has an unbelievable cast with that guy Andy Reid.”

“Andy Reid is one of the best offensive coordinators. Some of the stuff he dials up has guys wide open. But as far as quarterback-to-quarterback, you can’t argue who the best quarterback is. I know what the numbers say, but if any GM went around the league right now and wanted a guy, it would be Joe Burrow.”

Jones reminisced on his days playing for the Bengals and how good the defense was, especially the secondary, which consisted of guys like Leon Hall, George Iloka, and Reggie Nelson. He also discussed how the defense helped the team get out to an 8-0 start in 2015, something that had never been done in the AFC North before.

Now with Burrow running the offense, Jones believes this team’s defense will be even better.

“With the quarterback they have, I think they can be better than us,” Jones said.

Jones played 12 years in the NFL, and eight of those were with the Bengals. Since he retired after the 2018 season, he became the legal guardian of former Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry, who tragically passed away in 2009.

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