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NFL mascots recreated by AI: Yay or nay on the Bengals mascot?

And what about the Browns’ “Poop Emoji Mascot?”

With artificial intelligence becoming more prominent in today’s world, we’re starting to see what kinds of content AI can produce on its own, including within the sports realm.

The marketing team at online sportsbook ran every NFL mascot through an AI machine and see what came out. Images were made with Midjourney, an AI tool, using simple text prompts like “Cincinnati Bengals mascot.”

This is what Midjourney popped out when asked to recreate the Bengals’ mascot.

And for reference, here is what the current Bengals mascot looks like.

NFL: SEP 11 Steelers at Bengals

No question the AI one is more intimidating and the normal one more friendly. Not really a fan of the jersey design since it looks a little Browns-ish.

Speaking of, what is this...

Looks like Midjourney was going more for “Poop Emoji Mascot,” if you ask me.

Getting back to what matters, what say you on the Bengals’ AI mascot? Let us know in the poll below and in the comments section!