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Joe Burrow ranks first in 3 NFL QB traits entering the 2023 season

What makes Joe Burrow so special? ESPN breaks down Burrow’s biggest strengths.

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It is no secret the Cincinnati Bengals have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Joe Burrow is currently working to get fully healthy after straining his calf a few weeks ago in training camp.

ESPN recently shared its article, NFL Quarterback Council 2023: Ranking Top 10 QB’s by trait...

Burrow ranks number one in three categories going into the 2023 season.

Number one: Accuracy

Jason Reid stated, “Speak with NFL defensive coaches about Burrow, and the first thing they mention is his ball placement. What jumps off the game tape, they say, is that Burrow not only invariably places the ball in good windows for receivers to attempt to make a play on it, but he also has a knack of delivering passes with ideal touch on every throw in the route tree. That combination regularly leaves defenses frustrated. And Rodgers — entering his 19th season — is No. 2 behind Burrow because, more often than not, he still puts receivers in a great position to succeed.”

Number two: Touch

“There are ways to generally quantify touch, as Burrow’s career completion percentage of 68.2% tells part of the story. But touch is about more than that, as Burrow has an uncanny ability to blend accuracy, velocity, trajectory and feel that leads to making throws into tight windows look far easier than they actually are to complete,” according to Yates.

Number three: Mechanics

Reid says, “Burrow’s completion percentages in each of his first three NFL seasons speak for themselves: 65.3%, 70.4% and 68.3%. But the foundation of those sparkling numbers is Burrow’s nearly flawless mechanics. His footwork on drops, his arm angles on throws, his throwing delivery — Burrow is a model of efficiency at all of it. And although Rodgers comes in at No. 2 on the list, he might be the greatest of all time in this area and remains masterful.”

Burrow also ranked second in field vision, decision-making with the football, and pocket presence.

Burrow ranked third in compete level and toughness, behind Mahomes and Allen.